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Upcoming Tournaments

Remaining tournaments this year (all at Polaris Mall, food court, noon start):

Sunday, September 10

Sunday, October 8

Sunday, November 12

Sunday, December 10

June/July Tournament Dates

The June and July regular tournaments are scheduled for Sunday, June 11 and Sunday, July 9. We are also planning on scheduling a summer social play event soon.

Social Play – Sunday, February 26

Are you a backgammon beginner? If you are new to the game or tournaments in general, we have a “social play” event for you. 12 or 13 players attended our social event on January 29. Some players stayed a short time (an hour or less), a few players stayed 2-3 hours, and four players stayed about 5 hours. We’re going to try it again on Sunday, February 26 at 1:00 pm. Although the event is aimed at new players and beginners, more experienced players are also welcome to play/join (and did so on January 29). We will also likely have another social play event the first weekend of April.

For those interested, at the January 29 event after 2 hours of casual play we organized a mini-tournament (4 players, single-elimination). Four players joined the mini-tournament while the remaining players (four other players) happily continued their casual/social play with each other. I expect that we’ll try something similar on February 26.

Social Play Events – January and February

Are you a backgammon beginner?  If you are new to the game or tournaments in general, we have a “social play” event for you.  On Sunday, January 29 at 1:00 pm (one hour later than our usual noon start time), we’re having a meetup aimed at new players and beginners.  More experienced players are also welcome to play/join. We’re also planning on holding a similar event the weekend of February 25-26 (day to be determined later).

I’ve recently been contacted by some new players who are interested in joining/watching our group but who aren’t quite ready to jump into a formal tournament yet.  So, I think it would be good to organize a few social play events this year.  These will be free to join (no entry fee) and will have several purposes: (1) discussing the doubling cube (for complete beginners), (2) introducing players to match play, including the Crawford rule, (3) casual play among the players or with me (short matches, individual games, etc.).  Bring a board if you have one, but we also have extra boards. I hope to see you there!

January Tournament – Sunday, January 8, noon start

The January tournament will be held on Sunday, January 8 at the usual time (noon start) and usual place (Polaris Mall food court).

July Tournament Postponed to July 17

Please note that the July 2022 tournament has been postponed to Sunday, July 17. It will still be held at the usual time (noon start) and place (Polaris Mall food court, Columbus, OH), however it will be a week later than originally scheduled.

April 2022 Monthly Tournament Results

8 players
Main 1st – Trevor Dierkes
Main 2nd – David Rearick
Consolation 1st – Ryan Fogelman
Consolation 2nd – Greg Back

Columbus Backgammon Club Returning to Polaris (Live Play)

Starting with the April tournament (Sunday, April 10), the club is resuming live play. Currently our playing location is the Polaris Mall food court (see the “Our Home” sidebar on the main page of the website for more details). We meet by a group of TVs in the center of the food court halfway between Chick-fil-A and BIBIBOP. We may consider other playing locations in the future. I hope to see many of you on Sunday!

March 2022 Monthly Tournament Results

8 players
Main 1st – David Steinberg
Main 2nd – Ryan Fogelman
Consolation 1st – Joe Calvaruso
Consolation 2nd – Jon Stephens

2021 Columbus Backgammon Club Player of the Year — Jon Stephens

Congratulations to the 2021 Columbus Backgammon Club Player of the Year, Jon Stephens! Jon won the annual points race with 314 Masters Points. His closest challengers were Chris Yep (274 points) and Jason Marshall (227 points).

The final 2021 standings can be found here.

A list of top-3 annual results (2012-2021) can be found here.