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Events and Tournaments

The Columbus Backgammon Club holds a number of different events each month that cater to different levels of interest in Backgammon. These include:

  • our Monthly Tournament
  • Chouettes (usually twice a month)
  • Open/Social Play (usually once a month)


Monthly Tournament Format

The monthly tournament will take one of two forms, based on the number of entrants:

With 6 or more participants, the format will be be a single elimination bracket with a consolation bracket for those knocked out of the main bracket. Match lengths  are 7-point matches in the main bracket, with a 9-point final, and 5-point matches in the consolation bracket, with a 7 point final.

Payouts will be:

1st place (winner of the main final) – 50%

2nd place (loser of the main final) – 30%

3rd place (winner of the consolation final) – 20%

There will also be a $10 side pool available for anyone interested, where the last side pool participant remaining in the main flight receives 100% of the pool. You are eliminated from contention from the side pool after your first loss.

With fewer than 6 participants, a round-robin tournament will be held where all participants will play against all other participants in single 5 or 7 point matches, depending on the time available.  Payouts will be determined based on the number of participants. There is no side pool associated with the round-robin matches.

Registration is on the day of the tournament from 11:30 to 12:00 PM.  No advance registration or reservations will be taken.  Entries will not be taken after 12:00 PM so that the tournament may start on time.  Entry fee is $20, though first time tournament participants are only $10, cash only.  100% of entry fees will be returned in prize money.  Prize awards and payout may be adjusted according to attendance.


What is a chouette? A Chouette is a social backgammon variant for more than 2 players, excellent for learning more about the game because of the discussions that can happen with each play.

Our chouettes are normally held twice per month (see sidebar for schedule). We currently use the rules published by the Atlanta Backgammon Club. These rules can be found here.

Open/Social Play

These events are for those who prefer to play backgammon in a less competitive or social environment, though we may hold no-cost beginner/intermediate tournaments during the same time. Lessons are available as well. Come on out and meet other folks who share your interest in Backgammon!