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Masters Points

2018 Masters Points Standings

Player Points
Jon Stephens
Maron Cury
Mike Rezai
Trevor Dierkes
Chris Yep
Edwin Jones
Dale Berlin
David Steinberg
Stu Cohen
Joe Calvaruso
Jason Marshall
David Rearick
Loren McCumber
Eric Verway-Cohen
Jim Weitthoff
Rob Brower
John Schraufnagel
Frank Bresky
John Baron
Jim Bougor
Ray Cifani
Nick Cosentino
Luke Smith


Click here for a PDF of the full standings with a month-by-month breakdown of the points

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Masters Points System for Single and Double-Elimination Tournaments

Ten (10) points will be awarded for each match won in the Main bracket, while seven (7) points will be awarded for each match won in the Consolation if there is one. Matches that are won by forfeit for any reason will not count towards the Masters Points total for the winning player.

One point will be awarded to a player who completes and loses his first match in a single elimination event. Two points will be awarded to a player who completes and loses his first two matches in a double elimination event.

Bonuses will be given for:

  •  First place (winner of the Main bracket) – 40 points
  •  Second place (loser of the Main bracket final) – 20 points
  • Third place (winner of the Consolation final, if held) – 20 points


Masters Points System for Round-Robin Tournaments

We have a points system specifically for round-robin tournaments, based on the number of matches won, and how many players there are:

# of Matches Won
Players 0 1 2 3 4 5
4 2 22 37 60
5 2 15 25 40 65
6 2 11 18 28 46 74

If there are two or more players tied for first place as far as record, head-to-head records will be used to determine the overall winner, runner-up, and so on. The head-to-head winner will get 5 bonus points and be considered to be in first place. If there is no clear head-to-head winner (as can be the case with 3 or more players tied) then no bonus points will be awarded, and a tie will be upheld.

Round-robin tournaments are rare.  Due to increased attendance in recent years, the last round-robin (main) tournament was held in September 2014.

Events other than the monthly tournaments will not affect one’s standings.  The other events in question may include, but are not limited to, competitions versus other clubs; Internet play; and Jackpot or Knockout events.


To break ties in the standings the following tiebreaks are used in order:

  1. Number of First Place finishes
  2. Number of Second Place finishes
  3. Number of Third Place finishes
  4. Attendance (number of regular monthly tournaments attended)
  5. A short playoff match (or matches if more than two players are tied) arranged by the director and the tied players

Note: Tiebreak #5 (playoff match) will only be used to determine Player of the Year or if needed to determine selection for club team tournaments (e.g. the Ohio Valley Challenge Cup).  Otherwise this final tiebreak will be skipped and players will remain tied.