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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


The purpose of this code of conduct is to ensure that players playing in events sponsored by the Columbus Backgammon Club conduct themselves in a sporting and fair manner at all times.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that our club is a place where players of all levels can feel welcome and are encouraged to improve their play. The more enjoyment that can be derived from playing with the club, the more likely it is that players will continue their involvement in backgammon and the greater chance that new players will be attracted to our club.

While not every circumstance can be addressed, this code seeks to identify general areas of conduct which are inappropriate and liable to disciplinary action being taken by the club director. The nature of the disciplinary action may vary depending on the deemed level of misconduct.


Understand and play by the rules

In competitive play (tournaments, chouettes, etc), understanding and playing by the rules is your responsibility. The current tournament rules are posted at the club website, and are available in print from the club director. Infractions of the rules will result in consequences, starting with warnings and escalating to other penalties, including forfeits in the case of repeated incidents.

Respect club officials

The club director and tournament director (many times the same person) have a difficult task to perform. Remember that the club is run on a volunteer basis and the club would not run without their efforts, so please treat them accordingly. Abuse of directors or other club officials is unacceptable behavior.

The tournament director is there to enforce the rules of play, and his/her decisions should be accepted graciously. You have the right to appeal the decisions of the tournament director, according to section 6.3 of our posted rules. You must accept the decision of the players appeal committee – failure to do so will be viewed as a breach of this code of conduct.

Verbal abuse

Verbally abusing any club member or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable. Loss of temper is not only unpleasant and potentially uncomfortable for your opponent, but could also distract other players nearby.

Respect during the game

It is important to give each and every opponent proper respect before, during, and after the game. Gamesmanship, and indeed any form of attempting to gain an advantage in a match outside of the rules of the game, is considered a violation of this code of conduct. Tardiness in a tournament is disrespectful to not only your opponent, but also to other players who may be waiting on your match.

Respect towards all members and guests

Everyone is expected to display a common level of respect and civility towards all of the members and guests of the club. Regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background, religion or other factor irrelevant to the game, all persons are entitled to equal treatment and respect. Harassment, for whatever reasons, is unacceptable. Avoid any language or remarks that could be construed as offensive or discriminatory.

Playing under the influence

Anyone obviously drunk or under the influence of drugs will not be permitted to participate in club events.

Respect the venue

Remember that we are guests at any location in which we play, and should behave accordingly. This includes making sure that we are not disruptive to the business or activities that are the main function of that location, and cleaning up after ourselves when we are done. Failure to do so will be considered a serious breach of the code of conduct.