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Social Play – Sunday, February 26

Are you a backgammon beginner? If you are new to the game or tournaments in general, we have a “social play” event for you. 12 or 13 players attended our social event on January 29. Some players stayed a short time (an hour or less), a few players stayed 2-3 hours, and four players stayed about 5 hours. We’re going to try it again on Sunday, February 26 at 1:00 pm. Although the event is aimed at new players and beginners, more experienced players are also welcome to play/join (and did so on January 29). We will also likely have another social play event the first weekend of April.

For those interested, at the January 29 event after 2 hours of casual play we organized a mini-tournament (4 players, single-elimination). Four players joined the mini-tournament while the remaining players (four other players) happily continued their casual/social play with each other. I expect that we’ll try something similar on February 26.

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