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Social Play Events – January and February

Are you a backgammon beginner?  If you are new to the game or tournaments in general, we have a “social play” event for you.  On Sunday, January 29 at 1:00 pm (one hour later than our usual noon start time), we’re having a meetup aimed at new players and beginners.  More experienced players are also welcome to play/join. We’re also planning on holding a similar event the weekend of February 25-26 (day to be determined later).

I’ve recently been contacted by some new players who are interested in joining/watching our group but who aren’t quite ready to jump into a formal tournament yet.  So, I think it would be good to organize a few social play events this year.  These will be free to join (no entry fee) and will have several purposes: (1) discussing the doubling cube (for complete beginners), (2) introducing players to match play, including the Crawford rule, (3) casual play among the players or with me (short matches, individual games, etc.).  Bring a board if you have one, but we also have extra boards. I hope to see you there!

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