April 2019 Tournament

The April tournament is scheduled for this Sunday (April 14) at the usual time (12:00) and place (Polaris Mall Food Court). Registration starts at 11:30.

Ohio Valley Challenge Cup (OVCC)

The Ohio Valley Challenge Cup is this weekend (March 30-31) in the Cincinnati area.

For full details, see the February 7 post on this website.

Saturday 12:00 pm – Singles (individual) competition
Saturday 6:30 pm – Doubles competition
Sunday 11:00 am – Team competition

Columbus team:

  1. Trevor Dierkes
  2. Maron Cury
  3. Edwin Jones
  4. Chris Yep
  5. Stu Cohen
  6. David Steinberg
  7. Joe Calvaruso

Final team standings


You can read Sean Garber’s full OVCC report at this link: https://www.meetup.com/Hoosier-Backgammon-Club/pages/28712947/2018_Ohio_Valley_Challenge_Cup/

March 2019 Tournament Results

13 players attended the March tournament.  Maron Cury won four matches in a row to win the tournament, defeating Chris Yep in the Main Bracket final.  In the Consolation final Jon Stephens defeated Joe Calvaruso.  With his win Maron moved to second in the annual points race just behind Chris, who is now in first.

The full tournament bracket for March can be found here.  The current Masters Points standings can be found here.  Thank you again to all who came out to play and congratulations to our March winners:

1st – Maron Cury
2nd/3rd – Chris Yep
2nd/3rd – Jon Stephens
4th – Joe Calvaruso

The next tournament will be held on April 14.

February 2019 Monthly Tournament Results

The February tournament was a special tournament with the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF) donating $165 as an added money pool for USBGF members.  The added money attracted a large field of 21 players, shattering our previous attendance record of 15 players (which was set in February 2018 at another USBGF added money tournament).  The field included two first-time players, Meral Plosch and Peter Swartwout (from Pittsburgh).  We also welcomed back two Cleveland-area players, John Baron and Ray Cifani.

The tournament was won by Trevor Dierkes, who beat David Steinberg in the Main Bracket final.  In the Consolation final Peter Swartwout defeated Brendan Leal.  The USBGF added money, awarded to the USBGF player advancing farthest in the Main bracket, was won by David Steinberg.  In addition, David won an entry into the USBGF Online Club Championship tournament, which begins in March.  The winner of the USBGF Online Club Championship receives a free entry into any ABT tournament.

In the annual standings, David Steinberg, on the strength of two Main Runner-Up finishes this year, is now in the lead with 100 points.

The full tournament bracket for February can be found here.  The current Masters Points standings can be found here.  Thank you again to all who came out to play, welcome again to Meral Plosch and Peter Swartwout, and congratulations to our February winners:

1st – Trevor Dierkes
2nd/3rd – David Steinberg
2nd/3rd – Peter Swartwout
4th – Brendan Leal
USBGF Added Money – David Steinberg

The next tournament will be held March 10.

February 10 USBGF Added Money Tournament

The February 10 tournament will be a special tournament. While it’s one of the 12 regularly scheduled monthly tournaments this year, it’s also a unique tournament (see below).

February 10 Tournament Details

Entry fee: $20 (all players, including first-time players)
Registration: 11:30-12:00, play begins at 12:00
Three optional side pools available (100% return): $10, $20, USBGF added money side pool ($135 guaranteed, to be increased if new/lapsed players buy USBGF memberships or if non-Ohio players attend the tournament)

Format: Single-elimination with Modified Consolation

Main: 7 point matches (9-point final), losing finalist doesn’t drop to the Consolation
Consolation: 5-point matches (7-point final)
Prizes (100% return): Main 1st (40% of prize pool), Main 2nd (25% of prize pool), Consolation 1st (25% of prize pool), Consolation 2nd (10% of prize pool)

If we have more than 16 players, some of the rounds may be shortened to give us more of a chance to finish the tournament by 6:00 pm. The Main Round of 32 matches will decrease to 5 points. The Consolation final will decrease to 5 points. The Main Round of 16 matches may also decrease to 5 points.

Note that while the Columbus Backgammon Club offers a $10 discount for players in their first “regular” tournament, this discount doesn’t apply to this “special” tournament. However, first-time players in February will still receive a $10 discount at their first “regular” tournament (which could be in March 2019 for example).

Now, for the unique aspect of this tournament:

The February 2019 tournament will have an additional added money pool (at least $135) donated by the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF). This added money will be given to the USBGF member who advances farthest in the Main bracket (the Consolation bracket won’t be considered). Note that a split/tie side pool, while rare, is possible; in that case the money will be split as we normally do for side pools. You are eliminated from contention for the added money after your first loss. Note that you must be a current USBGF member on February 10 to be eligible for the added money pool.

Additionally, the winner of the USBGF added money pool will also win an entry into the USBGF Online Club Championship in March 2019. Since this entry to the USBGF Online Club Championship is a unique entry (each club can only submit one entry), if necessary we’ll use progression in the Consolation (whoever advances farthest in the Consolation bracket) as the first tiebreaker and a short playoff match (likely a 3-point match) as the second tiebreaker in order to select Columbus’ USBGF Online Club Championship entrant. If the tied players wish, they can instead flip a coin or roll dice instead of using this second tiebreaker. The winner of the Inter-Club Championshps will win an entry into the ABT event of their choice (typical value: $200-500 if you play at the Open level). Last year 22 clubs participated (one player per club) in the USBGF Online Club Championship.

If you wish, you may qualify for the added money USBGF side pool by signing up for a new USBGF membership or renewing an expired membership at the February tournament itself (before 12:00 noon)! I will collect money and entry forms and forward everything to the USBGF at the end of the tournament. I’ll bring blank USBGF membership forms with me to the tournament. If you wish to pay USBGF membership fees by check make checks payable to the “U.S. Backgammon Federation.”

Additional USBGF membership information

General USBGF membership details: http://usbgf.org/membership/
USBGF membership brochure: http://usbgf.org/members/brochure.pdf
USBGF’s “Getting the Most Out of Your New USBGF Membership” document: http://usbgf.org/members/benefits.pdf

Membership prices (annual):

Youth (age 25 or under): $15
Novice (less than 3 years of competitive play): $15
Basic: $35
Premium: $60 (or $150 for 3 years)

Ohio Valley Challenge Cup (OVCC)

For those interested in staying at the OVCC hotel on Saturday, March 30, there is a $70 rate if reserved by March 15.

Info from Peter Carcieri (Cincinnati director):

The 10th Annual OVCC is set for March 30th & 31st. It will be held at the Quality Hotel & Conference Center in Blue Ash. It is right off route 71 with many restaurants close by and we got a great rate on the rooms. Below is a link for the $70 a night rate and should be booked either online or by calling the hotel directly by March 15th. Mention the OVCC if calling in your reservation. I will also post this information on the club web site shortly. More information can also be found at the Cincinnati website.

Saturday tournaments are open to everyone and are as follows:

12:00 – singles tournament, double elimination, 7/5 point matches (9 point final), usual CBPC entry fees paying 3 places with a $15 side pool. CLOCKS REQUIRED

6:30 – doubles tournament, double elimination, 7/5 point matches (9 point final), $30 entry fee per team paying 3 places with a $20 side pool for the top bracket and a $10 side pool for the consolation bracket. CLOCKS REQUIRED

Sunday –

OVCC starting at 11:00 AM, match lengths and side pools to be determined by the OVCC commissioner Sean Garber.

Quality Hotel & Conference Center Cincinnati/Blue Ash

5901 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45242, US

$70 Group Rate (Includes Fresh Hot Daily Breakfast, Internet & Parking)

-Reservations must be made by March 15th (Correction: The deadline is March 15. Previously it was listed as March 1.)



Hotel Directly:

(513) 793-4500, ask for the OVCC- Ohio Valley Cup Challenge Group Rate

January 2019 Monthly Tournament Results

In our first tournament of the year 11 players attended, including John Baron from the Cleveland area. This was John’s first regular Columbus tournament (he also attended the special USBGF added money tournament in February 2018). Chris Yep won the event, defeating David Steinberg in the Main Bracket final. In the Consolation final Stu Cohen defeated Maron Cury. This was the first tournament with the new payout allocation (Main Winner 40%, Main Runner-Up 25%, Consolation Winner 25%, Consolation Runner-Up 10%).

The full tournament bracket for January can be found here. The current Masters Points standings can be found here. Thank you again to all who came out to play, welcome again to John Baron, and congratulations to our January winners:

1st – Chris Yep
2nd/3rd – David Steinberg
2nd/3rd – Stu Cohen
4th – Maron Cury

The next tournament will be held on February 10. Similar to the February 2018 tournament, the February 2019 tournament will be a special tournament with an extra side pool donated by the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF) exclusively for USBGF members. Check back here for more details.

2019 Season Changes

For the 2019, we’re making a slight change to the tournament prizes. Instead of paying three places with a 50/30/20 split we’ll now be paying four places as follows:

1st place (winner of the Main final) – 40%
2nd/3rd place tie (loser of the Main final) – 25%
2nd/3rd place tie (winner of the Consolation final) – 25%
4th place (loser of the Consolation final) – 10%

My hope is that this will lead to a better tournament experience. I’d like to thank Dan Dabney from the Bloomington Backgammon Club (Bloomington, Indiana) for his help in analyzing our Main/Consolation brackets. His website is https://tourneygeek.com/.

Between December 22 and January 7 Dan and I discussed topics related to these brackets on a regular (almost daily) basis. He published some of these results on his website. Other results were discussed via email. If you’re interested in more details, contact me and I’ll give you a general summary of some of the additional discussion. Based on Dan’s analysis I’m comfortable in concluding that our brackets (as of January 2019) are a highly efficient way (as a combination of speed and “fairness”) to run this type of backgammon tournament (a tournament with a Main bracket and a Consolation bracket for players not cashing in the Main bracket). In particular, some of the other brackets that I considered were much slower without improving “fairness” much. Thanks, Dan!

2018 Columbus Backgammon Club Player of the Year – Jon Stephens

Congratulations to the 2018 Columbus Backgammon Club Player of the Year, Jon Stephens! With consistently strong results in the second half of the year Jon won the annual points race by a 117-point margin. Jon finished with 461 Masters Points. His closest challengers were Trevor Dierkes (344 points) and Maron Cury (329 points).

Jon won an impressive 67% of his matches this year with a 31-15 record. He won three tournaments (February, August, and December), finished second once (September), and finished third two times (July and October).

For his efforts Jon will win an engraved doubling cube which will be presented to him in early 2019 in recognition of his achievement. Congratulations, Jon!

December 2018 Monthly Tournament Results

A large crowd of 14 players attended this month’s tournament. Entering the tournament Jon Stephens held a 62-point lead over his closest challenger, Maron Cury, in the Player of the Year race. Not only did Jon win enough points to stay ahead, he ended up winning the entire tournament, defeating second place finisher Edwin Jones in the Main Bracket final. This was Jon’s third tournament win of the year! In the Consolation final Trevor Dierkes defeated Stu Cohen to win third place. We also welcomed a new player, Brendan Leal, who plans on attending more tournaments in 2019.

The full tournament bracket for December can be found here. The final 2018 Masters Points standings can be found here. Thank you again to all who came out to play, welcome again to Brendan Leal, and congratulations to our December winners:

1st – Jon Stephens
2nd – Edwin Jones
3rd – Trevor Dierkes

The next tournament will be held January 13 in the Polaris Mall food court.