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February 11 USBGF Added Money Tournament

The February 11 tournament will be a special tournament. While it’s one of the 12 regularly scheduled monthly tournaments this year, it’s also a unique tournament (see below).

February 11 Tournament Details

Entry fee: $20 (all players)
Registration: 11:30-12:00, play begins at 12:00
Three optional side pools available: $10, $20, USBGF added money side pool (approximately $100, depending on exact membership levels on February 11)

“Last Chance” event: As an experiment to try to provide additional playing opportunities for those who are eliminated early, I will try (if we have enough players) to arrange an experimental round-robin tournament ($12 entry fee, 100% return, prizes proportional to how many matches you win) for players who are eliminated from the main tournament before 3:00 pm. These extra matches don’t count toward Masters Points.

Now, for the unique aspect of this tournament:

The February 2018 tournament will have an additional added money pool (approximately $100, depending on exact membership levels on February 11) donated by the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF). This added money will be given to the USBGF member who advances farthest in the Main bracket (the Consolation bracket won’t be considered). Note that a split/tie side pool, while rare, is possible; in that case the money will still be split as normal. You are eliminated from contention for the added money after your first loss. Note that you must be a current USBGF member on February 11 to be eligible for the added money pool.

Additionally, the winner of the USBGF added money pool will also win an entry into the online USBGF Inter-Club Championships in March 2018. Since this entry to the Inter-Club Championships is a unique entry (each club can only submit one entry), if necessary we’ll use progression in the Consolation (whoever advances farthest in the Consolation bracket) as the first tiebreaker and a 1-point playoff match as the second tiebreaker in order to select Columbus’ Inter-Club Championships entrant. If the tied players wish, they can instead flip a coin or roll dice instead of using this second tiebreaker. The winner of the Inter-Club Championshps will win an entry into the ABT event of their choice (typical value: $200-500 if you play at the Open level). They will also be featured in an article in the USBGF PrimeTime magazine and have the finals match analyzed by an expert. Currently we expect the Inter-Club Championships to be a 21-player tournament (21 clubs, one player per club). See the end of this post for a listing of Inter-Club Championships entrants from each club.

If you wish, you may qualify for the added money USBGF side pool by signing up for a new USBGF membership or renewing an expired membership at the February tournament itself (before 12:00 noon)! I will collect money and entry forms and forward everything to the USBGF at the end of the tournament. I’ll bring blank USBGF membership forms with me to the tournament. If you wish to pay USBGF membership fees by check make checks payable to the “U.S. Backgammon Federation.”

Additional USBGF membership information

General USBGF membership details: http://usbgf.org/membership/
USBGF membership brochure: http://usbgf.org/members/brochure.pdf
USBGF’s “Getting the Most Out of Your New USBGF Membership” document: http://usbgf.org/members/benefits.pdf

Membership prices (annual):

Youth (age 25 or under): $15
Novice (less than 3 years of competitive play): $15
Basic: $35
Premium: $60 (or $150 for 3 years)

Here is the current list of entrants to the Inter-Club Championships (21 clubs):

USBGF Inter-Club Championships Players
Club Entrant
Atlanta Northside Stuart Domeshek
Austin Nick Blasier
Backgammon by the Bay David Levy
Beltway February 11, 2018
Charlotte Jeb Horton
Chicago Bar Point February 18, 2018
Colorado Myra Gazvoda
Columbus February 11, 2018
Connecticut Al Theriault
Flint Area Dan Wittkopp
Gammon Associates
Hoosier Kevin Heacox
Houston George Morse
Las Vegas Joe Apicella
New England Rich Sweetman
New York City Lynn Ehrlich
Northern Virginia Gary Fries
Orange County February 17, 2018
South Florida Stacy Turner
St. Louis February 20, 2018
Twin Cities Jeff Spencer

See everyone on February 11!

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