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February 2018 Tournament Results

This month the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF) donated a side pool for current USBGF members.  The added money attracted a record 15 players, breaking the previous record (14 players) for a monthly tournament.  Two new players attended: John Baron and John SchraufnagelJon Stephens won first place in the Main bracket final over second place finisher, David Steinberg.  The Consolation final, Trevor Dierkes vs. Edwin Jones, was suspended (at the score 2-2 to 7) due to time constraints.  The match will resume next month.

The USBGF side pool was split between Stu Cohen and Edwin Jones with Edwin also earning the right to represent Columbus in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships, an online tournament with an estimated 22 entrants (one entrant per qualifying USBGF Prime Club) beginning on March 1.  Jason Marshall was presented with a cake and a gift certificate to Carol Joy Cole’s Backgammon Boutique as recognition for his work in growing the club to Prime Club status over the last six years.  Thanks, Jason!

Here is a list of the Inter-Club Championships entrants:

USBGF Inter-Club Championships Players
Club Entrant
Atlanta Northside Stuart Domeshek
Austin Nick Blasier
Backgammon by the Bay David Levy
Baltimore February 19, 2018
Beltway John Klein
Charlotte Jeb Horton
Chicago Bar Point February 18, 2018
Colorado Myra Gazvoda
Columbus Edwin Jones
Connecticut Al Theriault
Flint Area Dan Wittkopp
Gammon Associates Gus Contos
Hoosier Kevin Heacox
Houston George Morse
Las Vegas Joe Apicella
New England Rich Sweetman
New York City Lynn Ehrlich
Northern Virginia Gary Fries
Orange County February 17, 2018
South Florida Stacy Turner
St. Louis February 20, 2018
Twin Cities Jeff Spencer

You can see the USBGF report (including a picture of Edwin) of our tournament here: http://usbgf.org/edwin-jones-brings-home-the-added-money-in-columbus-prime-local-club-initiative/

You can follow Edwin’s progress in the Inter-Club Championships at this link: http://usbgf.org/trny/drawsheets/?trny=411

Wrapping up the final Consolation match from the January tournament, Mike Rezai defeated Maron Cury to finish in third place for January. As a result, Mike gained an additional 27 Masters Points for January.

The full tournament bracket for February can be found here.  The current Masters Points standings can be found here.  Additionally, the winner of the suspended Trevor Dierkes vs. Edwin Jones match will gain an extra 27 Masters Points when the Masters Points are updated next month.

Thank you to all who came out to play, welcome again to John Baron and John Schraufnagel, and congratulations to our winners:

1st – Jon Stephens
2nd – David Steinberg
3rd – Trevor Dierkes or Edwin Jones
USBGF Added Money: Stu Cohen and Edwin Jones
USBGF Inter-Club Championships Entrant: Edwin Jones

The next monthly tournament will be held on March 11.  See you then!


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