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Columbus Backgammon Club Resuming Live Play

Covid numbers in Ohio have been decreasing the last few months.  Social distancing and mask mandates have been lifted across the state.  It seems like it’s finally time to resume live play again!  So, the next tournament (this Sunday, July 11) will be a live tournament, the first live club tournament in 16 months.

Our usual live location (pre-Covid) was the Polaris Mall Food Court.  However, several club regulars told me that they would prefer an outdoor tournament for the first live tournament.  With this in mind I’ve reserved the West shelter house in Coffman Park in Dublin (5200 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin OH 43017).  There’s a chance of rain on Sunday, but the shelter house has a roof (with open sides) so we should stay dry.  There’s a bathroom right next to the shelter house.  The park and shelter house is also within walking distance of the air conditioned Dublin Community Recreation Center (DCRC), which you can visit if you have a break between matches.  There are restaurants a few miles away, but I suggest bringing your own food.  In case you don’t have time to bring food with you I’ll bring some snacks which you can buy from me at cost.  There is a vending machine (Pepsi products) and water fountain next to the shelter house bathroom.  The DCRC also has a vending machine with drinks and snacks (next to the Subway restaurant; the restaurant is closed, but the vending machine is still stocked).

Tournament details

Date: Sunday, July 11, noon start (I’ll get there sometime after 11:30 am)
Location: Coffman Park (West Shelter), 5200 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin OH 43017
Entry fee: $20 (or $10 for new players playing in their first official Columbus Backgammon Club tournament), 80% return
Optional side pools: $10 optional side pool, $20 optional side pool (new players typically don’t enter the side pools), 100% return on side pools

Note that there’s also an East shelter (the two shelter houses are separated by a playground).  The two shelter houses are close together so you should be able to find us.  The shelter houses have a small display board with a piece of paper indicating East and West.  There’s plenty of parking.  I did have to pay $60 to reserve this shelter house so I made this tournament 80% return on the main entry fees.  If we have a larger turnout than expected I’ll gladly increase the return.

For those who haven’t played in a live Columbus tournament in a while we do play with chess clocks to make sure that we finish on time.  The last match, for those fortunate enough to make it that far, will likely finish around 5:30 pm.  The clock time setting is enough to play at a reasonable pace.  I can help new players get used to playing with a clock.  Please bring a backgammon board and a clock if you have one.  We have extra clocks (and boards) if you don’t have one.

Link to park map: https://dublinohiousa.gov/dev/dev/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Coffman-Park-Map.pdf

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