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February 10 USBGF Added Money Tournament

The February 10 tournament will be a special tournament. While it’s one of the 12 regularly scheduled monthly tournaments this year, it’s also a unique tournament (see below).

February 10 Tournament Details

Entry fee: $20 (all players, including first-time players)
Registration: 11:30-12:00, play begins at 12:00
Three optional side pools available (100% return): $10, $20, USBGF added money side pool ($135 guaranteed, to be increased if new/lapsed players buy USBGF memberships or if non-Ohio players attend the tournament)

Format: Single-elimination with Modified Consolation

Main: 7 point matches (9-point final), losing finalist doesn’t drop to the Consolation
Consolation: 5-point matches (7-point final)
Prizes (100% return): Main 1st (40% of prize pool), Main 2nd (25% of prize pool), Consolation 1st (25% of prize pool), Consolation 2nd (10% of prize pool)

If we have more than 16 players, some of the rounds may be shortened to give us more of a chance to finish the tournament by 6:00 pm. The Main Round of 32 matches will decrease to 5 points. The Consolation final will decrease to 5 points. The Main Round of 16 matches may also decrease to 5 points.

Note that while the Columbus Backgammon Club offers a $10 discount for players in their first “regular” tournament, this discount doesn’t apply to this “special” tournament. However, first-time players in February will still receive a $10 discount at their first “regular” tournament (which could be in March 2019 for example).

Now, for the unique aspect of this tournament:

The February 2019 tournament will have an additional added money pool (at least $135) donated by the US Backgammon Federation (USBGF). This added money will be given to the USBGF member who advances farthest in the Main bracket (the Consolation bracket won’t be considered). Note that a split/tie side pool, while rare, is possible; in that case the money will be split as we normally do for side pools. You are eliminated from contention for the added money after your first loss. Note that you must be a current USBGF member on February 10 to be eligible for the added money pool.

Additionally, the winner of the USBGF added money pool will also win an entry into the USBGF Online Club Championship in March 2019. Since this entry to the USBGF Online Club Championship is a unique entry (each club can only submit one entry), if necessary we’ll use progression in the Consolation (whoever advances farthest in the Consolation bracket) as the first tiebreaker and a short playoff match (likely a 3-point match) as the second tiebreaker in order to select Columbus’ USBGF Online Club Championship entrant. If the tied players wish, they can instead flip a coin or roll dice instead of using this second tiebreaker. The winner of the Inter-Club Championshps will win an entry into the ABT event of their choice (typical value: $200-500 if you play at the Open level). Last year 22 clubs participated (one player per club) in the USBGF Online Club Championship.

If you wish, you may qualify for the added money USBGF side pool by signing up for a new USBGF membership or renewing an expired membership at the February tournament itself (before 12:00 noon)! I will collect money and entry forms and forward everything to the USBGF at the end of the tournament. I’ll bring blank USBGF membership forms with me to the tournament. If you wish to pay USBGF membership fees by check make checks payable to the “U.S. Backgammon Federation.”

Additional USBGF membership information

General USBGF membership details: http://usbgf.org/membership/
USBGF membership brochure: http://usbgf.org/members/brochure.pdf
USBGF’s “Getting the Most Out of Your New USBGF Membership” document: http://usbgf.org/members/benefits.pdf

Membership prices (annual):

Youth (age 25 or under): $15
Novice (less than 3 years of competitive play): $15
Basic: $35
Premium: $60 (or $150 for 3 years)

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