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2019 Season Changes

For the 2019, we’re making a slight change to the tournament prizes. Instead of paying three places with a 50/30/20 split we’ll now be paying four places as follows:

1st place (winner of the Main final) – 40%
2nd/3rd place tie (loser of the Main final) – 25%
2nd/3rd place tie (winner of the Consolation final) – 25%
4th place (loser of the Consolation final) – 10%

My hope is that this will lead to a better tournament experience. I’d like to thank Dan Dabney from the Bloomington Backgammon Club (Bloomington, Indiana) for his help in analyzing our Main/Consolation brackets. His website is https://tourneygeek.com/.

Between December 22 and January 7 Dan and I discussed topics related to these brackets on a regular (almost daily) basis. He published some of these results on his website. Other results were discussed via email. If you’re interested in more details, contact me and I’ll give you a general summary of some of the additional discussion. Based on Dan’s analysis I’m comfortable in concluding that our brackets (as of January 2019) are a highly efficient way (as a combination of speed and “fairness”) to run this type of backgammon tournament (a tournament with a Main bracket and a Consolation bracket for players not cashing in the Main bracket). In particular, some of the other brackets that I considered were much slower without improving “fairness” much. Thanks, Dan!

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