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2019 Season Changes

For the 2019, we’re making a slight change to the tournament prizes. Instead of paying three places with a 50/30/20 split we’ll now be paying four places as follows:

1st place (winner of the Main final) – 40%
2nd/3rd place tie (loser of the Main final) – 25%
2nd/3rd place tie (winner of the Consolation final) – 25%
4th place (loser of the Consolation final) – 10%

My hope is that this will lead to a better tournament experience. I’d like to thank Dan Dabney from the Bloomington Backgammon Club (Bloomington, Indiana) for his help in analyzing our Main/Consolation brackets. His website is https://tourneygeek.com/. I’ll update this post with more details on Dan’s contribution later.

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