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Saturday Jackpots Changing to Round-Robin Events

Mike Rezai has announced a change to his Saturday afternoon backgammon schedule. Instead of single-elimination Jackpot/Knockout events he now plans on holding round-robin events (every player plays a match against every other player). These will be at 1:00 pm most Saturdays (an hour later than the traditional 12:00 start time for Sunday tournaments). For new players, these round-robin events are extra events in addition to our regular monthly tournaments.

Dates: Every Saturday (except when we have a regular monthly tournament the next day) at 1:00 pm
Format: Round-Robin, 5-point or 7-point matches (depending on the number of players)
Entry Fee: $20, 100% return (a small donation is possible; ask Mike for details)

An optional $20 side pool is available for interested players.

The first few round-robin events have been added to the upcoming events calendar on the website.

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