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Open/Social Play Event

For those of you who are relatively (or completely!) new to the game of backgammon and want to learn more, or if you just want to come out for some casual face-to-face play, then there is a CBC event just for you. The next session of this type is at 12:00pm on Sunday, April 30th at the Polaris Mall Food Court. The focus of these sessions will be a combination of no-pressure social play, chouettes (if desired), and some informal lessons learn some basic strategy. Bring your board (if you have one), and come play!

Next Chouette Planned

The next chouette that I can help host will be at 6:30PM on Tuesday, April 18th at the Polaris Mall Food Court. Come on out for the chouette or even for some social play!

If anyone else wants to announce any meetups, please feel free to e-mail me at jason@columbusbg.org, and I can get the word out!

October 2016 Monthly Tournament Results

A total of 12 players attended this month’s tournament, including a pair of brothers playing with us for the first time – Dejan and Milen Mitusev. David Rearick was this month’s winner, who earned his victory with a finals win over current points leader Chris Yep. Mike Rezai kept the points race close by winning in the consolation final over Maron Cury.

The full tournament bracket for this month can be found here.

In the Master’s Points table, Chris currently occupies the top spot, but by a margin of only 16 points over Mike Rezai. The only other player that is still contending for the top spot is Trevor Dierkes, though that window of opportunity is closing fast. The full current Masters Points standings can be found here and in the attached file.

Thank you again to all who came out to play today, and congratulations as well to our top 3:

1st – David Rearick
2nd – Chris Yep
3rd – Mike Rezai

The next monthly tournament will be held on November 13th. See you then!

May 2016 Monthly Tournament Results

Another strong showing of 11 players were present for the May Monthly Tournament today – including another newcomer (to us, not to backgammon): Joe Calvaruso. This month, Trevor Dierkes came out on top for the first time this year by defeating Chris Yep in the Main Bracket final. The bounty on 4-in-a-row winner Mike Rezai was claimed today by Howard Shirey. Now eyes turn to Trevor – will he see enough success to see a bounty on his head next?

The consolation final was won by Howard Shirey over the aforementioned Joe Calvaruso, giving Howard a thrid-place result for the month.

The relative places of the top 5 players on the Master Points list did not change, but the spread of points closed up a little. Trevor’s win today puts him back within 100 points of Mike for the year. Chris Yep also pulled within 150 points of first place. The full Masters Points standings can be found here.

Congrats to our top 3 finishers today – Trevor, Chris, and Howard, and welcome again to Joe!

The next monthly tournament will be held on June 12th! See you then!


April 2016 Monthly Tournament Results

Today’s tournament was full of action, with a strong field of 13 players showing up today – including 2 new attendees – Luke Smith and Bob James! This makes 4 months in a row where we have had players playing with us for the first time.

Speaking of four months in a row – Mike Rezai officially marked wins for both March and April today. The first win came as Mike and Chris Yep completed the final match from the March tournament that was postponed for time constraints. The second came a few hours later as Mike defeated Carl Herold in the April tournament final. These wins earned Mike a total of 100 Masters Points on the day, giving him a grand total of 300 for the year!

To add a little bit of “incentive” for the rest of the field, I introduced a bounty on Mike – the first player to defeat Mike in a main bracket match would receive $20. No one was able to claim it today, so it will carry over to May where it will increase to $40!

In this month’s consolation final, our resident Giant, Mary Hickey, defeated Trever Dierkes to take third place.

Updated Masters Points standings can be found on the website here.

Congratulations to Mike, Carl, and Mary on their finishes, and welcome to our newcomers: Luke and Bob!

The next monthly tournament will be held one week later than normal on May 15th due to Mother’s Day. See you then!


November 2015 Monthly Tournament Results

11 players showed up this afternoon for the monthly tournament, which happened to include (of all things) a marching band playing through our area, regaling us with Christmas carols. All in attendance, including the band, saw Chris Yep defeat Jeff Boester in the main bracket final to secure his second tournament win of the year. In the consolation tournament, Dale Berlin held on to win over Trevor Dierkes to take 3rd place.

Even though he came in second, Jeff scored enough points to mathematically clinch the Player of the Year honors! We’ll have more on this after next month’s tournament, once the final results are in!

Thank you very much to all who came out to play today, and a hearty congratulations to Chris, Jeff, and Dale on their results!

The next monthly tournament will be held on December 13th. See you then!


March 2015 Monthly Tournament Results

March saw a new milestone for the Columbus Backgammon Club, as a new record attendance for our monthly tournaments was set with 12 players coming out to play! Jon Stephens is this month’s winner with a victory in the finals over second place finisher, Jason Marshall. Continuing a trend that mirrors last year, we have seen 3 different winners in the 3 tournaments held so far. This is keeping the Masters Points race fairly close so far.

It was an all David final in the Consolation bracket, with David Rearick emerging as the 3rd place finisher in a roll-off with last month’s winner, David Steinberg.

The current Masters Points standings can be found here.

Congratulations to Jon, Jason, and David!

Thank you to all those who attended. The next monthly tournament will be held on April 12th, with the location to soon be determined. See you then!

TEMPORARY Location Change For Club Events

As KDB is temporarily closing for some renovations for the next 6 weeks or so, I have had to fall back to an alternate location for our club events. Events will be held in the food court area of Polaris Mall, near the outside entrance. There is a nice sectioned off area with plenty of tables and seating, so space should not be a problem.

The address and website for the Polaris Mall are:

1500 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240


January 2015 Monthly Tournament Results

The first monthly tournament of the new year welcomed a record-tying number of participants, with 11 players showing up to play, including one new member to our ranks – Gregg Somers! After 4 rounds of play, the main bracket was reduced to just 2 players, with Jeff Boester winning over Mike Rezai to take both the monthly victory as well as the Masters Points lead.

In the consolation final, Howard Shirey bested Bob Hickey to take 3rd place for the month.

The current Masters Points standings can be found here.

Congratulations to Jeff, Mike and Howard, and welcome again to Gregg!

Thank you so much for the strong turnout this month. I hope we can keep this strong start going deep into the year. The next monthly tournament will be held on February 8th. See you then!

October 2014 Monthly Tournament Results

This month’s tournament saw another different winner for the year, and this time a first time winner! October’s monthly champion is Jeff Boester, who won over Howard Shirey in the 9-point final. This makes 3 straight podium finishes for Jeff, who has not placed worse than third so far this year!

In the Consolation bracket, points leader Bob Hickey takes third place with a victory over David Rearick. This gives Bob a 99 point lead in the Masters Points race with only 2 tournaments to go. Based on the number of average attendees, only Jason Marshall and Chris Yep have a reasonable chance at catching Bob for this year’s title. Competition for the top 6 spots, and a place on next years OVCC team, has really tightened up and should shape up to be very close by the end of the year.

The current Masters Points standings can be found here.

Congratulations to Jeff, Howard, and Bob; and thank you to all who attended this month’s tournament. Our next monthly tournament will be on November 9th. See you there!